Crypto OTC Trading Has Never Been Simpler

Enhanced liquidity, superior pricing, T+0 settlements

OTC crypto trading

Swapify's Over-the-counter (OTC) crypto trading desk provides depth, improved pricing and T+0 global settlement capabilities across a huge universe of assets and FX pairs. Customers can book large block trades via chat, over a streaming liquidity interface and also accessible via API.

Key Advantages

Discover the Benefits of OTC Trading for Moving Large Volumes

  • Direct Connectivity

    Swapify provides riskless principal access to the best liquidity providers, market makers and exchanges – resulting in faster, tighter, and more secure trades.

  • Enhanced Liquidity

    We address the issue of limited liquidity on single crypto exchanges via smart technology, allowing for substantial trades with significant transaction volume.

  • Increased Anonytimity

    OTC trading offers a level of anonymity not available at centralised venues, reducing the risk front-running.

  • Multi-currency support

    OTC trading platform supports 20+ cryptocurrencies and 40+ fiat currencies, as well as all types of exchange: crypto-crypto, crypto-fiat, and fiat-crypto.

  • 24/7 Assistance

    Our award-winning, always-available Account Management team has deep expertise in crypto products and services.

  • 100% legal and secure

    Swapify is EU licensed and secured by industry-leading security and cryptography experts.

No hidden fees

Free deposits and withdrawals

Swapify doesn’t charge any commission for depositing and withdrawing funds — you will only pay a transparent exchange fee. Moreover, we have a discount system based on the volume of the deal — the bigger the amount, the lesser the service fee.

Competitive rates

By partnering with top liquidity providers & banks, we are able to offer the most competitive exchange rates.


Large crypto trades with private, personalized services

  • RFQ via OTC Portal

    Our easy-to-use, self-service RFQ offers automated OTC trading. Receive executable quotes in seconds and settle trades instantly using the existing funds in your account.

  • Trade via chat

    Chat securely with our trade desk to confirm the asset, lot size and price of your trade. Benefit from white-glove, personalized service from initial consultation to trade execution.

Premium OTC Desk for Large Crypto Trades

Swapify's OTC platform allows businesses to legally exchange large volumes of crypto at the most competitive rates with zero volatility or slippage risks. Start your trading journey with Swapify today!


Our OTC Desk: What to Know

The OTC Portal offers a user-friendly platform empowering OTC clients to access executable, automated quotes for a variety of supported cryptoassets, featuring:

  • Tailored price charts reflecting your trading patterns
  • Insight into position exposure
  • Access to recent transactions and OTC trading history
  • Convenient RFQ access

Swapify OTC crypto exchange executes large-scale transactions with legality and security at the forefront. Transactions are conducted swiftly and confidentially, enabling exchanges exceeding one million Euros. A standout feature of this OTC crypto exchange is its ability to handle such significant transactions without causing notable market price fluctuations, thus mitigating risks linked to price volatility or slippage.

The minimum trade amount is an equivalent value of €50,000. There is no maximum size for trading over chat.

Swapify OTC does not charge any additional trading fees. The offered price we show is the 'all-inclusive' price.

Certainly, our desk is accessible via API. In OTC trading, all crypto transactions are directly managed through the trading desk or with support from a dedicated account manager.

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